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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lets Start


I don't know why I created a blog, probably to be more inclined with my emotions and personal state. With this I would able to release all my feelings, thoughts and ideas that no one could understand.

I hope to gauge my fate and strength infused ideas the world has. Gain friends and inputs everywhere in the world.

Okay.. its 4:35 am now manila time ( Wednesday) I just finished eating my so called " dinner " woke up on a so called hibernate because I was granted with a few days off.  I don't know why I took this off, maybe subconsciously, my body is begging for a pit stop and would want to ask for time off since I never gave a chance to slow down( holidays).

Its already 2011 been spending a quarter of my life, with the same old fate. I thank God for giving me all the strength to move on. At a young age, I never had a chance to be young, my thoughts and how my mind works is different. I came from a humble and educated family full of dreams, dreams that until now I would like to become. Along the time, I just realize that most of them  never came true. I envy those people who went through with it and is now in better shape, while I couldn't even take care of my self. am I stubborn? or maybe I just don't know what self discipline is? How can I seek the path that I should go. Those are just a few questions airing in my head. I felt I've wasted time and now haggling for it. I felt that my body, doesn't respond to things that I need to do. I wish Dr. Phil can help me. there's a need for a huge restructure. I wish i still have my mind when i was young, very strong, engaging and willingness to be mold. I felt I've been losing all that. I hope this new year will start another sacrifice, another hope to leap on poverty, depression, and forgiveness and new opportunities, friendship and self acceptance. I wish I could breathe free. I know there's a lot of things to make. Let me make this as a prayer. So Help me God.

I already consumed of a number of days and I have 1 more day to go and hopefully be re energized to stand the demands of "dungeon".

i think i need to go to bed now, its calling me, hope to see you all in the next day. take care

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