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Monday, January 9, 2012

Waking up

Morning Cold and chaos in the kitchen woke me up. Sound of busy family members preparing for their day. I got awake after getting a kiss from my youngest sister whose going to school. Its 7:00 o'clock in the morning. I moved to my room and take a nap until I got fully recovered.

I woke up lunch time. Felt the cold for this hour which is good. I start my day with emails, a stick of cigarette, and   a glass of cold water. Good thing my mum's not around since she will really get mad at me seeing how I function, she also gave me a warning on catching me with a cigarette. I still find it threatening. 

I stumble upon some few writings that I had, I laughed when I saw my Last post was January 2011 and seeing the recent one yesterday also falls on the same month. I guess I'm too pre occupied with my thoughts or just bumming around with my messing with it. Please forgive me with my writing. I'm still picking up myself.  The way I think now is a kind of result that I wanted. I keep on telling myself to " forget it, forget it" which made my brain to have a short term memory loss. I taught myself not to think much,  and  I'm recuperating now.

Now back to Basics. There's a huge restructuring that I need to do on my Blog, The tittle doesn't sound right since I haven' made any inputs yet relating to tittle. I need to work my thoughts and collaborate my emotions.  

I'll start my day right with a good reading. 
Have a Great Day Everyone. 

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