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Friday, January 13, 2012

How it went out today

It took me a couple of days to compose my thoughts. I tried cultivating my mind on how to express myself and regain concentration. So earlier I shied away from playing my PS3 and my MMORPG games and just sit back and read a book, In our shelf is a wide variety of reading materials, from children's books, puzzles, almanacs to complicated medical, engineering and magazines dating 1980's. It brought me back to the past when my parents are hauling these books! 

I took one of my favorite series from Hardy Boys #70 The Infinity clue and brought it to my room. I was reading through a couple of pages and find myself asleep. Waking up frustrated, I went down the kitchen hall and scavenge some left overs to satisfy my hunger, I had a good gulp of cold water. I didn't notice that its not a water but a cold white tea my mum makes everyday, my tongue failed to recognized if its a water or a tea after a couple of tiring lick-slaps. Finally I felt carbs are kickin-in so I decided to take a bath. 

It took me a while to orient myself on what to do, I sat on the poop chair for a few minutes staring atop the window, until I finally decide to open the shower and let the water gushed in. I was finally done and took my towels and hurried changing stuff. I changed the sheets and tidy the bed a little and went out.

I felt so relaxed that day. Adding how the shades of the sunset gets bigger. I never looked at the clock. I didn't look at my phone. I didn't bother the school buses coming back and forth the street signifying how time ends for the day. I didn't bother the shade getting bigger as the sun sets forth. I called it a day. 

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